Mission & Vision

Our mission and vision is “To provide safe, effective and economical mosquito and vector control for Sacramento and Yolo counties”. To accomplish this, we provide ongoing surveillance of mosquitoes and other vectors to determine the threat of disease transmission and lower annoyance levels. As a District we promote cooperation and communication with property owners, residents, social and political groups as well as other governmental agencies to help in these efforts.

Our ultimate goal is to protect public health and welfare from diseases transmitted by mosquitoes such as West Nile virus, Western Equine Encephalitis, canine heartworm, malaria and others.


Did you know?
In the interest of science, Arctic researchers uncovered their chests, arms, and legs and reported as many as 9,000 mosquito bites per person, per minute. At this rate, an unprotected human would lose one half of his or her blood supply in approximately 2 hours! That's amazing!