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Often the best treatment for mosquitoes is to place small fish that feed upon mosquito larvae into the standing water in which the larvae live. The most common fish used to accomplish this is the Mosquitofish, also known as Gambusia affinis. Threespine Stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus), and the tropical guppy are also used for this purpose.

The District raises these fish at its facility and provides them to District residents at no charge, providing there is a need. The fish are available for delivery only (no pick-ups). The amount needed will be determined by the technician, who will then plant the fish in the identified water source.

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To learn more about mosquitofish and our Biological Control Program, please click here, or download the Biological Control brochure.



Did you know?
In the interest of science, Arctic researchers uncovered their chests, arms, and legs and reported as many as 9,000 mosquito bites per person, per minute. At this rate, an unprotected human would lose one half of his or her blood supply in approximately 2 hours! That's amazing!