Managers Update, Winter 2011

This time of year tends to bring a mixture of cold, overcast days followed by warm, sunny days. These conditions bring out the first insects, especially mosquitoes, from their winter hiding places and they are actively looking for food! It is important that you protect yourself from these aggressive biters and ensure you are not creating mosquitoes in your own yard! Drain any standing water around your yard in buckets, flower pots, bird baths, cans and old tires; doing so will go a long way in ensuring that mosquitoes are not breeding on your property.

It is critical that we start reducing mosquito populations NOW! If you have a spa or swimming pool that you cannot maintain, please contact us. We can deliver mosquito-eating fish that will help protect you, your family, and your neighbors from West Nile virus this coming year. One neglected swimming pool can produce enough mosquitoes to infect an entire city block! One application of fish can prevent this from being a problem.

As days get longer and we enjoy warm sunny days during these next few months,  mosquitoes become active, so remember to wear a good repellent when staying outdoors especially around dawn and dusk. ALWAYS read the label and follow the directions of the product you are using.

Management of mosquito development sites includes the principles of Integrated Pest Management. These principles are public education, surveillance, physical control, and proper use of water to prevent it from pooling for more than three days. In addition, District staff is trained to perform biological control (the proper stocking of mosquitofish) and chemical control (the use of EPA-registered pesticides) to further manage mosquito populations. Together, the district and the community can ensure a safe, healthy environment for all.

Our public education department is currently hosting the annual FIGHT THE BITE calendar contest. Children are encouraged to submit an entry and show us how they protect themselves from mosquitoes using one or all of the District D’s. Visit for more information. Presentations to classrooms and community organizations are also available upon request. You may request one online or by calling our office.

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