Risk of West Nile Virus Continues


September 2, 2011


–Protect Yourself from Mosquitoes this Labor Day Weekend

Elk Grove, Calif.— Labor Day is the last holiday of the summer, however with the hot temperatures of recent days and the warming trend continuing into next week, this doesn’t mean it’s the end of mosquito season! This weekend many will be enjoying family barbeques, pool parties and fun outdoor activities, however the Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito &Vector Control District reminds residents of the ongoing threat of contracting West Nile virus and the need to stay protected. “We continue to see very high numbers of infected birds and mosquito samples throughout Sacramento and Yolo counties” said David Brown, District Manager. “This means that becoming infected with West Nile virus is a very real possibility and we can’t let our guard down. We all need to be proactive and take preventive measures such as wearing an effective insect repellent when we’re outdoors” said Brown.

Though weather patters have been very different this year and most would consider this a very mild summer, the abundance of mosquito populations and WNV activity have been steady.  “At this point, infection rates for the disease are still very high and we continue to evaluate the appropriate treatment options to ensure public health” added Brown. A few weeks ago, aerial spraying to reduce infected mosquito populations was conducted over the Elk Grove and Wilton areas of South Sacramento County. Though the overall abundance of adult mosquitoes was reduced, hot temperatures of recent days have continued to amplify the virus.

There are no local human WNV cases, however, throughout the state, activity has been registered in 24 counties and there are 19 human cases being reported mainly in Central and Southern California.

For current information about any treatments planned, please visit www.FIGHTtheBITE.net. Residents may also subscribe to mailing lists to receive email notifications for mosquito treatments by zip code.

Contact: Luz Maria Rodriguez, Public Information Officer

Office: 916.405.2082 | Cell: 916.416.6337

E-mail: lrodriguez@nullFIGHTtheBITE.net

2011 West Nile virus activity update:

Sacramento County: 69 dead birds, 245 mosquito samples, 1 sentinel chicken, have tested positive for West Nile virus to date.

Yolo County: 2 dead birds, 2 mosquito samples have tested positive for West Nile virus to date