Mosquito Season Is Not Over Yet


September 26, 2011


–West Nile Virus Activity Continues to be Widespread

Elk Grove, Calif.— While we enjoyed mild weather and light rain over the weekend, the hot temperatures of last week and expected warming trend in days to come have kept mosquito populations and West Nile virus activity constant. The Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito & Vector Control District announced today that 26 new mosquito samples and 3 dead birds have tested positive. “Mosquito populations remain constant and West Nile virus activity continues to be widespread,” said David Brown District Manager. ” As long as this pattern continues protection against mosquito bites and preventing West Nile virus remains key” he added.

Initially most of the virus activity had been centered in South Sacramento, however in recent weeks, West Nile virus has expanded into many new areas of both Sacramento and Yolo counties and the number of infected mosquitoes and birds has remained steady. “This has been a very busy summer for us” said Brown. “Other years at this time we were starting to see a decline in the amount of positive mosquitoes and overall activity, but the unusual weather pattern we’ve had this season has kept it going.”  As a response to the mosquito and West Nile Virus activity, the District continues to conduct adult mosquito control measures along with extensive surveillance and trapping of mosquitoes throughout both counties.

Although no human West Nile virus cases have been detected in Sacramento or Yolo counties, statewide there are 67 cases in 16 counties, mainly in Central and Southern California.

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2011 West Nile virus activity update:

Sacramento County: 112 dead birds, 372 mosquito samples, 4 sentinel chicken, have tested positive for West Nile virus to date.

Yolo County: 3 dead birds, 5 mosquito samples have tested positive for West Nile virus to date