Mosquito and West Nile Virus Awareness Week is April 15-21st

April 13, 2018
Contact:  Luz Maria Robles, Public Information Officer
Office:  916.405.2082  |  Cell:  916.416.6337


ELK GROVE, Calif. April 13, 2018— Late spring rain and warm temperatures breed mosquitoes and this will likely result in a busy mosquito season!  The Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito and Vector Control District announces Mosquito and West Nile Virus Awareness Week, April 15-21. This week kicks off the District’s public information and education campaign to keep residents aware about the health risks associated with mosquitoes. “Mosquito Awareness Week is an excellent opportunity for our communities to learn more about mosquitoes and how they can protect themselves from diseases such as West Nile virus,” said District Manager Gary Goodman.  “As the rain clears and temperatures warm up, conditions will be perfect for mosquitoes to thrive. Everyone needs to do their part in preventing mosquitoes around their home. Reporting dead birds, neglected pools and other mosquito problems are effective ways that will help us protect the public by targeting areas of concern.” added Goodman. “Reducing mosquitoes now, will go a long way later in the season.”

In 2017, California continued to see West Nile virus activity and 553 human cases were confirmed including 44 fatalities.  Also of concern are the invasive mosquito species Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus which have been found in nearly 200 cities throughout Central and Southern California and continue to spread throughout the state. These mosquitoes pose a significant health threat because they are capable of transmitting dangerous viruses including Zika, dengue fever and chikungunya.


WHO: The Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito and Vector Control District

WHAT: Events for Mosquito and West Nile Virus Awareness Week April 15-21

WHEN: Monday, April 16 — Official kick off of the District’s public information and education campaign  

Tuesday, April 17—Announcement of the annual Fight the Bite contest winners and awarding of prizes

Wednesday April 18— Annual Repellent Distribution to local homeless shelters

Saturday, April 21—Educational booths at Earth Fest at the Sacramento Zoo and Davis Picnic Day

** For photo opportunities and interviews, please contact Luz Maria Robles at (916) 416-6337.


To report stagnant water sources, request a home inspection or if you are being bothered by mosquitoes, please call 1-800-429-1022 or fill out a service request online at
Practice the District D’s of Mosquito Prevention: 
DRAIN standing water that may produce mosquitoes. 
DAWN and DUSK are times to avoid being outdoors.   
DRESS appropriately be wearing long sleeves and pants when outside. 
DEFEND yourself by using an effective insect repellent.  Make sure to follow label directions! 
DOOR and window screens should be in good working condition.
DISTRICT personnel are also available to address any mosquito problems. Call them at 1-800-429-1022 or visit