Aerial Treatment for July 27th-29th, 2010

WHAT: An aerial application of the adulticide product Evergreen 60-6 applied by Dynamic Aviation over Sacramento county.

Adulticide Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Press release: Mosquito Control Moves Forward with Plans for Aerial Spraying

WHEN: Aerial treatment of the entire area shown on the map below took place on three consecutive nights beginning July 27th, 2010.

Aerial treatment for Tuesday, July 27th began at 8:15pm and completed at 10:55pm. Aerial treatment for Wednesday, July 28th began at 8:20pm and completed at 10:10pm. Aerial treatment for Thursday, July 29th began at 8:20pm and completed at 9:55pm.

WHY: This treatment was a direct response to elevated West Nile Virus Activity and in accordance with the District’s Mosquito
and Mosquito-borne Disease Management Plan

West Nile Virus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

West Nile Risk Assessment for 7/26/2010

WHERE: The area that will be treated is approximately 35,000 acres (see the map below for exact areas).


  • Blue Markers: West Nile virus Positive Dead Birds
  • Green Markers: West Nile virus Positive Mosquito Traps
    (markers are randomized to within mile of actual location)

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