Other Publications

Check out our newest publication:
“The Mosquito and You: What You Need to Know” (PDF)

Mosquito Reduction Best Practices Manual
This manual consists of a compilation of practices that can be utilized by land owners and managers to reduce mosquito breeding sources on their property. Click here to download this document.

Mosquito Breeding Prevention Guidelines for Used Waste Tires
Use and waste tires creates a favorable mosquito breeding area. Click here to view storage recommendations for tires. Click here for Spanish recommendations.

Cemetery Flyer
Mosquitoes breed in cemetery vases that are filled with water. Please click here to view the document on our cemetery vase program.

Pool Flyer
Neglected swimming pools produce mosquitoes. Click here to find out how you can help.

Vector Vocabulary
Learn the terms that are widely used to deal with mosquitoes and work we perform. Download here.


Did you know?
'Mosquito Hawks', as they are often called, are actually Crane Flies and they do not eat mosquitoes. Crane flies are harmless and are beneficial insects.