Request a Presentation for Your Classroom or Community Organization

The District’s state-certified technicians also provide mosquito control and prevention presentations to individuals of all ages. This program consists of visual presentations, practical demonstrations and a question-and-answer session. In addition, the District provides informational pamphlets and brochures on topics ranging from Encephalitis, Malaria and West Nile virus to red imported fire ants.

To request a presentation, please call us at 800-429-1022 or email fill out our presentation request form and we will contact you to set up a presentation at your organization.

The District may not be able to accommodate for all presentation requests. If we are unable to attend, we offer the following presentations for your groups so they might learn about mosquitoes, West Nile virus and District services.

Elementary Presentation

Community Presentation




Did you know?
An adult female mosquito weighs only about 1/15,000 ounce (about 2.0 milligrams).