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As part of our Mosquito and Mosquito-borne Disease Management Plan we may implement ultra low volume (ULV) treatments by ground unit or by air in areas where disease has been detected.

Residents of Sacramento and Yolo counties can subscribe to our mailing list and receive an email notification for adult mosquito treatments by filling out the form below. We will make every attempt to notify individuals who sign up for our notification list via e-mail, however, we may not be able to notify the public if immediate applications are needed, or if technical difficulties prevent your email provider from receiving our messages. We may also cancel a scheduled operation due to weather conditions or other unforeseen reasons. The latest information is always posted on our Spraying Update page.

Please Note – Depending on the time of day you join our list, you may not receive an email notification for the current day. Check our Spraying Update page for the current status of all scheduled treatments.

Residents can also sign up for urban aerial spraying updates by texting “sprayupdate” to 69922. Messages will only be sent to subscribers when aerial spraying is scheduled, the morning of the first scheduled day, and a live notification when spraying begins and ends each day.

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If your zip code is not listed, or you do not receive an email confirmation or experience difficulties being added, please contact us for assistance.

Please visit our spraying update page and/or call the District Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m at 800-429-1022. for status of scheduled operations.