Yellow Jacket Control

If you have located a nest or hive of these vectors, the District may be available to help. Nests are often found in the ground, trees or walls of homes. Depending on the circumstances, technicians will attempt to spray, destroy, or relocate these nests. However, we are unable to do any structural pest control. Understand that if the nest has penetrated into the structure of your home or building, the District cannot treat it. Additionally, we will not be able to treat the upper-levels of multi-story buildings. At that point it will be necessary to hire a private Pest Control Agency to come and take action.

To get more information regarding yellowjackets and paper wasps, please click here to view the Yellowjackets and Paper Wasps brochure.





Did you know?
Most mosquitoes do not fly very far from their larval habitat, but the salt marsh mosquito migrates 75 to 100 miles over the course of its life.