Integrated Pest Management

Mosquito and vector control is based on scientifically planned management tactics and control strategies that reduce the abundance of target pests in a timely manner. This method is commonly referred to as “integrated pest management” (IPM). This comprehensive program incorporates five basic methods: public information and education, mosquito and vector surveillance, biological control, physical control, and microbial and chemical control.

Public Information and Education
Our advertising and outreach program educates and informs the public about mosquito control and prevention methods through the use of media, participation in community events, a comprehensive school program and presentations to various organizations.

Mosquito and Vector Surveillance
We closely monitor mosquito activity, climate change and virus activity by testing mosquitoes, sentinel chickens and wild birds for the presence of a virus or parasite. This research and surveillance information helps guide all control efforts.

Biological Control
Biological control is the use of living organisms to control a particular pest. This organism will attack the harmful pest, resulting in a reduction of its population levels. The primary biological control used against mosquitoes is the mosquitofish, Gambusia affinis.

Physical Control
Physical control or manipulating the environment to reduce mosquito breeding sites is a very effective method of mosquito control. A few examples of physical control include: promoting effective drainage, controlling vegetation and appropriate timing of irrigation.

Microbial and Chemical Control
Microbial and chemical control is the prudent use of chemical compounds (insecticides) that reduce mosquito populations. Chemical products are used when biological control methods have been incapable of maintaining mosquito numbers below a tolerable level.

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Did you know?
Technicians make over 70,000 inspections for mosquitoes a year and annually respond to over 5,000 customer requests for service.