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If you believe that you are having a problem with mosquitoes in your area, first ask yourself, “Am I being bitten?” There are many species of insects that are often mistaken for mosquitoes, but are in fact quite harmless. You know you have a real mosquito problem if you are being bitten.

Once you have concluded that you have mosquitoes, we ask that you attempt to obtain a sample mosquito. This can be done by gently swatting a live mosquito and placing it in a small plastic bag. This will help our field technicians to identify the species and determine the most effective treatment for that particular type of mosquito. For example, some species breed primarily in small isolated bodies of standing water, while other species are found almost exclusively in water-saturated treeholes.

Report a Dead Bird

Help us protect you and your community by reporting dead birds and squirrels. Our District and the California Department of Public Health use dead bird reports to help identify areas of increased West Nile virus activity. Crows and magpies are particularly susceptible to the disease, so they make excellent early warning sentinels for virus activity.

If you see a bird that has been dead for less than 24 hours, please call 1-877-WNV-BIRD (1-877-968-2473) or report it online here.

Report a Neglected Swimming Pool

Neglected pools can produce a high number of mosquitoes putting you and your family at risk for West Nile virus. Report a neglected pool by filling out the form below. A technician inspect the swimming pool and treat it appropriately to stop mosquitoes from developing.

Request Mosquitofish

Often the best treatment for mosquitoes is to place small fish that feed on immature mosquitoes developing in the water. The most common fish used to accomplish this is the mosquitofish, also known as Gambusia affinis. The District raises these fish onsite and delivers them to residents of Sacramento and Yolo Counties at no charge, providing there is a need. The amount needed will be determined by the District field technician, who will then plant the fish in the identified water source.

Request a Presentation

The District’s Public Information and Education program offers presentations to individuals of all ages. You may request a classroom presentation for students, a community presentation for your service group or a neighborhood association. Presentations are tailored and include an overview of mosquitoes, district services, mosquito and West Nile virus prevention tips and a question-and-answer session. In addition, the District provides brochures on various topics and other educational materials.

To request a presentation, please call us at 1-800-429-1022 or email.

YellowJacket Control

If you have located a nest or hive the District may be available to help. Nests are often found in the ground, trees or walls of homes. Depending on the circumstances, technicians will attempt to spray, destroy, or relocate these nests. However, we are unable to do any structural pest control. Understand that if the nest has penetrated into the structure of your home or building, the District cannot treat it. Additionally, we will not be able to treat the upper-levels of multi-story buildings. At that point it will be necessary to hire a private Pest Control Agency to come and take action.

Service Request Form

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