October 19, 2022

Contact:  Luz Maria Robles, Public Information Officer
Office:  916-405-2082 |  Cell:  916-416-6337

–First detection of Aedes albopictus (the Asian Tiger mosquito)
Elk Grove, Ca.—The Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito & Vector Control District has found the invasive mosquito Aedes albopictus commonly known as the Asian tiger mosquito for the first time in Sacramento County. The initial detection came as a result of a call from a resident in Carmichael who had reported being bitten during the day. District staff conducted a backyard inspection and found a single mosquito larva in a watering can. In response to this initial finding, field technicians conducted door to door inspections in other homes throughout the neighborhood and found additional Aedes albopictus adult mosquitoes and larvae in surrounding areas. “Now that we have found this second species of invasive mosquitoes, our goal is to limit their expansion as best we can,” said Gary Goodman, District Manager. “We are mobilizing and responding quickly in order to protect the residents we serve,” added Goodman.
Aedes albopictus is widely distributed in southern California; however in 2020 it was also detected in Shasta County and is currently still being found. Until now, only the invasive species Aedes aegypti, commonly known as the yellow fever mosquito had been detected in our area. It was found for the first time in 2019 in Citrus Heights and since then has been found in new areas of Sacramento and Yolo counties.
Both invasive Aedes species are small, dark mosquitoes with white stripes on their back and legs. They bite aggressively during the day and can breed indoors and outdoors. They lay eggs above water in containers such as flower pots, pet dishes, bird baths, kids toys, tin cans, tires and other containers as small as a bottle cap that are commonly found in backyards. “Public cooperation is very important and we need your help,” indicated Goodman. “If you are being bitten by mosquitoes or notice them in your yard, please give the District a call to request a free inspection,” he emphasized.  
Both Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes have the potential to transmit several dangerous viruses including dengue, chikungunya, Zika, and yellow fever. None of these viruses are currently known to be transmitted in California, but thousands of people are infected in other parts of the world, including in Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Asia. The presence of these invasive mosquitoes in our area pose a threat for local virus transmission from returning travelers that may be infected.
In response to the new detection of invasive Aedes albopictus, the District will enhance laboratory surveillance efforts by setting up additional traps in the surrounding area to assess the spread of the infestation. Field technicians will continue conducting door to door inspections looking for potential mosquito breeding sites, making appropriate treatments as necessary and talking to residents about preventive measures around their home. 
To report a mosquito breeding source or for current information about any treatments planned within Sacramento or Yolo Counties please call 1-800-429-1022 or visit Residents may also subscribe to mailing lists to receive email notifications for mosquito treatments by zip code. 

Practice the District D’s of Mosquito Prevention: 
DRAIN standing water that may produce mosquitoes. 
DAWN and DUSK are times to avoid being outdoors.   
DRESS appropriately be wearing long sleeves and pants when outside. 
DEFEND yourself by using an effective insect repellent.  Make sure to follow label directions! 
DOOR and window screens should be in good working condition.
DISTRICT personnel are also available to address any mosquito problems. Call them at 1-800-429-1022 or visit