Urban Aerial Spraying
  • Nothing currently scheduled. See below for past treatments.

Agricultural Aerial Spraying
  • Nothing currently scheduled. See below for past treatments.

Ground Spraying
  • Nothing currently scheduled. See below for past treatments.

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Spraying Update

The Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito and Vector Control District’s primary goal is to protect public health and welfare by managing mosquito populations so they do not present a risk to our community. If mosquito populations pose a significant public nuisance or when emergency control measures are needed to rapidly disrupt or terminate the transmission of disease to humans, the District will respond by continuing to implement its Mosquito and Mosquito-borne Disease Management Plan. As part of this plan, the District may administer Ultra Low Volume (ULV) treatments by using backpack foggers, hand sprayers, truck-mounted foggers or aircraft, in and around areas where virus activity has been detected. Each fogging unit’s output is calibrated to ensure the correct amount of product is applied for each treatment area. All products are registered with the California Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and are applied by trained and state-certified technicians. Adulticides are chemicals that quickly reduce adult mosquito populations. Larvicides target mosquitoes developing in the water.

The District strives to keep the public updated and informed on all mosquito control treatments to protect public health and welfare from diseases such as West Nile virus among others. Residents are encouraged to sign up to receive email notifications for urban, agricultural or ground treatments occurring in their zip code.

**Any scheduled treatment may be postponed, cancelled or rescheduled due to unfavorable weather conditions and/or other reasons**

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  • A daily updated recording is available by calling 800-429-1022, menu option 3.

Urban Aerial Spraying

    No urban aerial spraying is scheduled at this time. See below for past treatments.

Routine Aerial Spraying to Agricultural Areas

  • The District conducts routine aerial applications to a variety of agricultural sources that may be producing mosquitoes. Agricultural areas that may be treated include areas such as rice fields and pastures.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: At times when agricultural treatments are being conducted close to residential areas, the plane may fly directly above homes. Material is not being deposited below, rather it is targeting a specific location. For additional information relating to this topic, see our Spraying Frequently Asked Questions page.

  • Typical agricultural aerial spraying times are between 8:00pm and midnight.

No treatments scheduled in the past 3 days.
No aerial spraying over agricultural areas is scheduled at this time.

List of all agricultural aerial treatments conducted in 2014.


Ground Spraying

  • As a response to increased WNV activity, the District may conduct localized ground treatments with trucks or backpacks throughout neighborhoods, parks, creeks and other open areas.

No treatments scheduled in the past 3 days.
No ground spraying is scheduled at this time.

List of all ground treatments conducted in 2014.

Labels for products used (PDF):

The District will make every attempt to notify individuals who sign-up for our spray notification list via e-mail. The District may also cancel a scheduled operation due to weather and/or other reasons.

For additional product information, please contact the District at 1-800-429-1022 from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday - Friday.

Historical information for previous aerial treatments over residential areas: Historical information for previous ground treatments: